Running your ebook Calibre-server as a service in Windows

Moving back to Windows for various down-sizing reasons, and had to set up the Calibre ebook server on Windows. I wanted it running as a service so it’d even be running without my user profile logged on. Here’s how to do it:

This is easiest with the command-line NSSM. So download that and put the appropriate binary (the 64 bit or 32 bit EXE file) somewhere you can run it from CMD or PowerShell. I just put in in C:\windows\System32.

Then make note of the following:

  • what port do you want the server running on? The default is 8080, but I like to specify a different one.
  • where on your disks is your Calibre library stored? Should be where it saves all the books.
  • optional: where, if you like, should it save a file with the process ID? This is probably unnecessary on windows, but I did it when doing this all on Linux, so I figure, why not? It’s just a tiny extra text file, and it might come in useful someday.

Then you just run the NSSM command as follows:

Fill in your info where appropriate.

Now you can either do .\nssm.exe start Calibre  or go to the Windows Services interface (services.msc) to start the service. When you browse to http://localhost:<PORT>/ you should get your Calibre library.